9 most effective ways to feel confident

How to feel confident? All of us have faced low self-esteem issues at some of the other points in our lives. There may be numerous situations where our insecurities get the better of us and cause disruptions in our lives.

Ever since our childhood, we are somehow made to believe that we may never be enough through comparisons with others or mere taunts. As a result, even if we are good at something, self-doubt always creeps into our minds.

While some learn to deal with such situations, others face these situations more frequently than the rest and for them, it may be much more difficult to rise above these situations. Feeling confident of one-self is one of the best characteristics to become successful. Whether it is during a public speech or merely while talking to others.

How to feel confident?

Confidence makes you feel good about yourself and ultimately, others think well about you too. For those who face low self-esteem issues, here are 9 most effective ways to feel confident.

Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”

E.E. Cummings

9 ways to feel confident

Identify your goals and strive to achieve them

We all need a sense of purpose in life, a motivation to drive us throughout the day. A set goal ultimately makes you realize its necessity and help you build confidence in order to achieve your goal if you are passionate about it.

Once you have your life and future goals under your control, you will automatically build your confidence yourself without depending much on chance.

Avoid comparisons

A key point that might be pulling you down is the comparison or competition that takes place in your day to day lives. It is important for you to note that the only one you should be competing against is yourself.

It should not matter to you what others perceive and it is not your responsibility to impress everyone. Nonetheless, healthy competition is always good since it helps you grow.

Be prepared

The saying ‘practice makes perfect’ never gets old. The more you stay prepared for the upcoming situation, the more you will feel better about yourself.

Especially when you have to give a presentation or a performance, it is important that you practice till you become absolutely perfect in whatever you do.

Imagine yourself to be confident

Visualization is another technique that can help you feel more confident in yourself. Imagining yourself in front of a camera or a room full of people and then acting as if you were present and doing any activity can help you feel better about yourself once you actually face the situation.

Be careful of your posture

Many psychologists through their studies have proved that your posture reveals many things about your personality.

Having a good posture not only makes you look confident but also sends signals to your brain and ultimately generates hormones that make you feel confident about yourself.

Therefore, it is important that you sit up straight and smile. While talking to others also you need to be careful of your posture, especially the way you stand. Before any important event, stand in front of the mirror, strike your ‘power pose’ and take deep breaths to feel confident.

Try mindfulness meditation

Meditation helps you stay calm and focused. Once you start practicing mindfulness meditation, you will start accepting yourself, body and soul, in a better manner.

Mindfulness also improves your mental well-being and can be done at any time and anywhere. Once you start noticing the sensations and energy around you, you will start feeling your own presence in this world and your importance in it.

Spend more time with people who make you feel good

Seek people who have a positive impact on you such that they appreciate you, support you and boost you up when you are feeling down. These are the people who will help you succeed in life and not demean you in any manner.

A few trusted people can build up your confidence like no other. There will always be people who will de-motivate you or try to pull you down, but having a few close people around who will always have your back helps you gain the required positivity in your life.

Dress in a proper manner

It is often said that people look at you the way you look at yourself. One of the ways of feeling confident is to look like it. One ironed shirt can work wonders on your confidence.

When you look in the mirror at yourself, and the reflection impresses you, it will automatically impress the others too. Looking prim and proper boosts your self-esteem and makes you feel good about yourself.

Exercise regularly

While it may be difficult for you to manage time every day from your busy schedule to dedicate at least one hour to exercise, it is extremely important for your health as well as your self-esteem.

Exercising releases hormones known as endorphins which make you feel happy and ultimately make you feel confident about yourself. The positive changes in your body while making you feel comfortable in your own skin. It also relieves your stress very quickly.

Take a walk in the fresh morning environment, join a gym, do yoga, or rather anything that you feel comfortable with and you enjoy doing to feel happy and positive.

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