8 Ways to Reduce stress or anxiety

How to reduce stress or anxiety?  We all suffer from anxiety issues or stress some time or the other. Nevertheless, the intensity of each and every circumstance might differ. While some of us experience stress when we have to take some important decisions in life, others experience heavy emotions, both mentally and physically, at the smallest of things. It differs from person to person too.

While it is absolutely fine to have a healthy fear regarding various things, but when the anxiety kicks in such a manner that your life stops functioning, then the issue arises.

Nowadays, with the ever-increasing pressure for better grades, a better job, better pay, better education, etc. stress is taking a toll on our lives, so much so that we experience stress on a daily basis which is not healthy at all. Here are 8 ways to reduce stress or anxiety that are proven to be helpful:

Ways to handle stress or anxiety

Reduce the intake of caffeine

It may be difficult for most of us to accept this since our morning rituals involve a cup of coffee, but caffeine is an anxiogenic drug that increases stress and anxiety.

If you experience anxiety and your schedule every day includes drinking a good amount of coffee, then it is suggested that the degree of consumption be reduced severely.

You can either switch to other drinks that contain less amounts of caffeine like green tea or other soothing drinks to compensate for the lost caffeine.

Include some form of exercise to your schedule

No matter how busy you are throughout the day, it is important that you include at least a 30-minute exercise into your schedule.

Exercise helps reduce anxiety by releasing natural elements like endorphins into your body which will automatically make you feel better. When you exercise, you feel some sort of change in your body and this will give you a sense of accomplishment which helps in building your self-esteem.

Practice meditation

Meditation is one of the best methods to relieve stress and anxiety as it helps relax your mind as well as body. Through meditation, you learn to concentrate on other important things in life and stay calm.

Even though meditation does not shut out your feelings completely, it helps in keeping you in charge of your emotions and helps you to control them in a better manner. It teaches you patience and helps in diverting your mind also.

Vent out your feelings

No matter how much you want to stay alone, it is important for you to have some sort of human interaction. Having a conversation with someone you trust about your feelings will make you feel better. Interacting with people that you enjoy spending time with is a major stress-reliever.

You can try venting out your feelings in any way possible that comforts you such as writing in a diary, shouting it out, crying, etc. If you keep your feelings buried deep inside you then it will make things worse as you will keep thinking about them more often.

Never skip meals

Studies by various experts have proven that your diet affects your anxiety. When you experience anxiety, nausea may be a part of it and food may be the least appealing thing to your mind but skipping meals or having junk food increases your anxiety even more.

When you stop eating, the blood sugar level in your body drops drastically, which causes a release of stress hormones into your body and leads to higher levels of anxiety. This means that you should also keep a check on what you eat since having an excess of junk food may also cause harm to your body.

Practice deep breathing

If you experience bouts of anxiety and it causes shortness of breath, then it is advised that you practice deep breathing. Inhaling and exhaling slowly becomes very helpful if you experience rapid heartbeat in such situations. Scientifically, deep breathing ensures that more oxygen enters your lungs and it helps in calming down your mind effectively.

Practice self-care

Everybody deserves a bit of pampering and no matter how stressed you are you will enjoy some self-care by doing what you love. Anything can work for you from getting a haircut to having a cup of hot chocolate all by yourself.

You must know what makes you happy and you should practice it more often. You can enjoy a bubble bath or an outing with friends, the choice remains with you.

Get proper sleep

The solution to most of our problems lays in our sleep schedule. If you’re experiencing stress or anxiety you might have problems with sleeping.

However, it is important that you regulate your sleep schedule and get at least eight hours of sleep necessarily.

It is proven that getting a proper sleep helps in improving your mood, reducing stress and keep you energized throughout the day. It will help you to think clearly and keep you calm.

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